About Us

Welcome to Tape69

We are manufacturers of Silicone Rubber Tape & 3M Tape

Tape 69 is Self-Fusing Silicone Rubber Repair Tape. Tape 69 has excellent self-amalgamating properties. It resists moisture, it is used to make watertight, airtight seals. Ideal to use in electrical and watertight applications
Tape69 is a high quality silicone compound which fuses only to itself when stretched and wrapped
Tape 69 is the most versatile and easy to use quick fix repair tape with stands extremes in temperature, pressure, voltage, moisture and corrosion
Tape 69 Heavy Duty Black is ideally suited for quick fix repairs requiring Strength and Elasticity like Water Hoses, Drainage Lines
Tape 69 HD Red bonds irreversibly to provide an insulative barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone, and corona over a wide temperature range up to 200°C

Why Tape69

Tape69 is Capable of insulating any terminal or splice without any additional or special jacketing. Sealing or Ducts, Joints and Hoses

Tape 69 survives the grueling qualification testing required by global industry standards.

Tape 69 adheres easily to itself, and requires nothing more than a pocket knife for quick application.

Tape 69 is easily removed from any surface and leaves behind no residue.

Tape 69 offers all of the advantages above at a price far below the productivity benefits.

Our Products Features

Class H (180 C Continuous operation), Short Term 260 C
High dielectric strenght, suitable for LV & HV applications
Workable at low temperatures
Stable over wide applications temperature range
Excellent moisture resistance, watertight seal
Excellent Track Resistance
Excellent Arc Resistance
Excellent Ozone Resistance
Excellent Weathering Characteristics

Our Application

As an over wrap for protection of terminating high-voltage cables against arcing and tracking
Primary isulation for splicing all types of solid dielectric insulated cables
Jacketing on high voltage splices & terminations
Moisture sealing electrical connections
Bus bar insulation
End sealing high voltage cables
Motor leads, Jacket Repairs